SAS expanding ‘baggage-less’ ticket to all of Europe

Christian Wenande
February 10th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Go Light will be available for flights as of April 27

After a successful trial period, Scandinavian Airlines has decided to expand its affordable Go Light tickets to all European destinations.

The ticket type, which will cost about 120 kroner less than the already established ‘SAS Go’ ticket, will be available on all SAS flights between Scandinavian and European destinations as of April 27.

“We’ve listened to our customers, who want a more scaled-down option and tickets in a lower price range for those travelling without check-in bags,” said Stephanie Smitt Lindberg, the VP of customer journey and loyalty at SAS.

“That’s why we’re now launching SAS Go Light for all European destinations. As SAS Go Light will complement our existing products, our customers will have more opportunity to choose the option that best meets their needs.”

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EuroBonus perks
The Go Light ticket doesn’t include checked-in baggage as part of the price, but customers can pay extra for that service and SAS EuroBonus members can take checked baggage along for free.

The ticket type also includes a full-refund cancellation option within 24 hours of the flight, choosing a seat 22 hours before take off, and tea and coffee on board.

SAS Go Light will not be available for domestic flights within Scandinavia or flights to destinations outside Europe.


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