Copenhagen’s roads lead the way in generating speeding fines

Christian Wenande
February 12th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

P Knudsens Gade yielded 22.6 million kroner last year

Four roads in the Copenhagen area are among the nation’s top five for yielding the most fines, according to new figures from the state police Rigspolitiet.

P Knudsens Gade in the capital’s Sydhavn district topped the list, generating 22.6 million kroner in speeding fines last year, followed by Funen’s Motorway (19.7 million), central Copenhagen artery HC Andersens Boulevard (19.5 million), Lyngby Omfartsvej (18.4 million) and Roskildevej in Frederiksberg (15.5 million).

“One of the reasons we see so many fines on P Knudsens Gade is that we have acquired digital equipment in 2015,” Allan Teddy Wadsworth-Hansen, a spokesperson for the traffic department of Copenhagen Police, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“All our radars needed to be recalibrated and we used P Knudsens Gade because we are sure we can measure there during the day. It is also near our headquarters so we can easily offer support should a problem arise.”

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More licence clips
Another likely reason is that there is a stretch of P Knudsens Gade in which the speed limit drops from 60 to 50 km/hour, which many drivers oversee.

Denmark’s 12 police districts handed out 64,952 drivers licence clips (three and you lose your licence) in 2015 – an 8 percent increase compared to 2014.


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