Global companies favour Stockholm over Copenhagen

Christian Wenande
February 18th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

More than twice as many international firms setting up shop in Sweden’s capital

A new report from the Danish-Swedish knowledge centre Øresundsinstituttet shows that big international companies prefer establishing global and regional Nordic headquarters in Stockholm rather than Copenhagen.

The report, ‘Global Companies with offices in the Nordic region’, revealed that 16 percent of the companies chose Copenhagen as their preferred hub location, but 51 percent opted for the Stockholm region.

The newly-named Greater Copenhagen region (with Malmö) attracted 24 percent in total. Broken down by country, Denmark scored 20 percent to Sweden’s 64 percent, Finland’s 9 percent and Norway’s 8 percent.

“The tendency of the global companies to view all of northern Europe as one region makes the geographic location of Greater Copenhagen even more strategic,” said Johan Wessman, the head of Øresundsinstituttet.

“Especially due to the future tunnel under the Fehmarn Belt making the trip to Hamburg about the same travel time as to Gothenburg.”

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Consumer goods and health care
Copenhagen performed particularly well with companies in the consumer good and healthcare sectors.

In terms of other cities, the report (here in English) showed that 8 percent of the companies chose to set up headquarters in Helsinki, Oslo (6 percent) Gothenburg (5 percent) and Helsingborg (2 percent).

Meanwhile, the greater Malmö region garnered 4 percent, Jutland got 2 percent, and Zealand (not including Greater Copenhagen) secured 1 percent.


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