Prospects looking good for tourism in Denmark

Christian Wenande
March 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Overnight stays by tourists hailing from abroad expected to increase by 2.9 million by 2019

From the hotels and museums in Copenhagen to the quaint little bed and breakfasts in Jutland, the future looks exceedingly bright.

The national tourism association VisitDenmark expects the number of overnight stays by tourists hailing from abroad to increase by up to 4 percent annually looking ahead to 2020.

“We’ve been helped by positive trends among the nations we get the most tourists from,” Lars Erik Jønsson, the deputy head of VisitDenmark, told Takeoff.dk.

“We can see that the marketing of Denmark has made an impact in various markets and people see Denmark as a safe and secure nation.”

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Improvement needed
According to VisitDenmark, the land of Hans Christian Andersen will attract 27.7 million overnight stays from tourists hailing from abroad by 2019 – up 2.9 million compared to 2015.

Despite the positive news, Jønsson contended that Denmark still needed to up its game in terms of marketing itself as a holiday and meeting/conference destination.

Furthermore, Denmark needs to develop its holiday areas, have longer opening hours, improve the quality of its product and be more flexible in order to attract more tourists, said Jønsson.


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