Ryanair and Norwegian collaborating in Copenhagen

April 20th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Lower fares the result of co-operation on long-haul routes

Ryanair and Norwegian are collaborating on low-cost fares (photo: Adrian Pingstone)

Usually fierce competitors, the two low-cost airlines Ryanair and Norwegian are currently taxiing out a partnership in which Copenhagen Airport will play a major role.

The deal will mean that passengers flying out of Copenhagen Airport on long-haul fights will be paying less.

“It is cause for celebration,” Ole Stouby, the head of travel search engine Travelmarket told Business.dk. “The co-operation will lead to lower prices. Other airlines will feel the pressure when these  two low-cost giants join forces.”

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Feeding Copenhagen
Ryanair will be a ‘feeder’ for Norwegian and thus fly passengers from smaller airports to larger airports from which Norwegian flies long-haul flights.

Copenhagen Airport is one of the airports mentioned in the agreement.


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