Restaurant Review: Thank goodness it’s … Thursday, but you wouldn’t know it

Dining at TGI Fridays is family-friendly food at its best

While clearly a chain restaurant, we got the feeling from the staff and surroundings that we were in a laid-back, bubbly environment, and that they were happy to have us.

Meanwhile the menu was full of choice, strong flavours and feel-good vibes.

Fun family atmosphere
Our waitress Maggie was fantastic – always on the go and happy to help. With tailored recommendations and a winning smile, Maggie really enhanced our dining experience. Thursday night was improved beyond belief, creating that classic Friday feeling – enabling us to relax, smile and let the good times roll.

Atmosphere is always crucial, but at massive restaurants like this, it can be hard to achieve – especially during the early evening.

But with constant sport on the giant television screens and feel-good pop songs playing all night long, TGI Fridays does its best to manufacture a bubbly and vibrant environment to enjoy your meal.

The real miracle of this atmosphere is that despite the combination of alcohol and sports, there is a strong family feel about the place.

Simple yet effective
The food is never going to be Michelin star quality. But it provides good, honest dishes – and in bountiful portions. In particular I would recommend ordering from the grill.

The New York strip that I ordered was cooked to perfection (rare) and was of a very good quality, while the fries that came with it were better than most in Copenhagen. The food is typical barbeque fare – simplicity and big bold flavours is the name of the game.

And for my dessert the Oreo Madness was a decadent ensemble of chocolate, ice cream and fudge sauce. If you arrive looking for the cheese board, I would probably search elsewhere. But if you want to satisfy that sweet tooth, then go full steam ahead!

Cocktails all the way
The cocktails are the real stars of the show. Lots of restaurants say they also operate as a bar – and most places that do will let you down. TGI Fridays is not most places, and the drinks we had were fantastic.

If I closed my eyes, the Barbados Rum Punch took me to Hawaii – and aided by a rare ray of April sunshine in Copenhagen – it was like I was really there. Later on in the evening the Cosmo Noir was a wacky take on the classic ‘Cosmopolitan’, while maintaining delicious flavours.

And there is so much variety. During the time we were there, we must have sampled at least eleven drinks, and we hadn’t even made a dent in the menu! The same applies to the food: it must be a fussy-eater’s parent’s dream, given the amount of choice available.

And of course that is another advantage this restaurant has: the ability to produce the same consistently good quality across the globe. The simple truth is that with TGI Fridays, you know what you are going to get. And it is good.

Unlike other American dining behemoths, you feel truly welcome here – having a bad time is not an option. The atmosphere is vibrant, the staff are friendly and the food packs a punch.

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