Copenhagen Police: We still lack the necessary equipment in case of a terror attack

Shifa Rahaman
May 8th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

According to PET, the terror threat against Denmark remains high

In what has come as alarming news, media outlets reported today that police in Copenhagen say they still lack the necessary equipment to deal with a terror attack should it occur on Danish soil.

“There have been some minor changes – but I would say that our ability to confront the challenge of defeating new terrorists has not improved significantly since [the Copenhagen Shootings in 2015],” chairman of Danish Police Union, Michael Bergmann Møller, told DR.

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Not ready
Though it was agreed by all parties concerned that the police would require more resources and training in the event of another attack, the changes haven’t been as speedy or as effective as hoped.

The police lacked sufficient quantities of helmets, body armour, first aid kits and IT equipment back in 2015 – and the situation hasn’t seen much improvement.

“The personal safety equipment we have is still not up-to-date enough,” Møller told BT.

Accord to PET, the terror threat against Denmark remains high.


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