Denmark trying to attract more Chinese tourists

Lucie Rychla
May 19th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Commerce and growth minister returns from a lobby trip to Beijing

The commerce and growth minister, Troels Lund Poulsen, has just returned from a business trip to China where he was promoting Denmark as an attractive tourist destination.

During his two-day visit to Beijing, Poulsen met the president of the China National Tourism Administration, talked to key tour operators and participated in the opening ceremony of the first world conference on tourism for development and peace.

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More visa offices
“My impression is that the Chinese have a great interest in our country, and so we have taken some action to make Denmark even more attractive for them,” Poulsen stated.

“Among other things, we have recently opened five new visa offices in China, that should make it easier for the Chinese people to apply for a visa to Denmark, and more new offices are on the way.”

Likely to splurge
The number of Chinese tourists traveling abroad has more than doubled in the last five years from 57 to 120 million in 2015, and today China is the leading country when it comes to the most people traveling abroad.

Chinese tourists are also well-known for spending a lot of money while travelling compared to other nationalities.


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