Danes support close relationship with US

Just 14 percent think Denmark would be better off without Uncle Sam

With the US secretary of state, John Kerry, arriving in Denmark today, he can rest assured that his presence will have the blessing of most Danes.

Denmark’s close alliance with the US has the backing of the majority of its citizens, according to a Megafon survey conducted on behalf of TV2 News.

The survey showed that 64 percent of Danes either ‘completely agreed’ or ‘predominantly agreed’ that Denmark’s close relationship with the US was critical to the nation’s welfare and security. Just 14 percent said they ‘completely disagreed’ or ‘predominantly disagreed’.

“The US is one of our closest allies and friends,” Michael Aastrup Jensen, the spokesperson for Venstre regarding foreign affairs issues, told TV2 News.

“Not only from a military viewpoint, but also in trade where exports to the US are on the rise. We have made an effort to have a good political relationship with the US. It doesn’t mean that we don’t say anything when we think the US do too little in certain areas, but there just isn’t much disagreement between us.”

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UN or Donald?
Jensen contended that a close alliance with the US is far more desirable than allying with Russia or China.

Left-wing party Enhedslisten (EL), however, argued that Denmark had become too eager to dance to the US fiddle, citing the chaos in the Middle East, Islamic State and the refugee masses.

“This is an example that it is unwise to blindly follow the decisions made in Washington,” said Nikolaj Villumsen, the foreign affairs spokesperson for EL.

“I’d rather Denmark prioritises strengthening the UN. Especially since we risk having to deal with Donald Trump as president.”