Danish government demands to know why IKEA isn’t pulling dangerous dressers

Shifa Rahaman
June 29th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

A number of dressers, including units of Malm, Hemnes, Anebod and Brimnes, are being pulled in an unprecedented recall

IKEA recently announced it would be pulling at least 27 million dressers from the North American market after it was reported that three toddlers had died as a result of them falling over. The furniture giant also announced that it would be offering refunds to the millions of people who had purchased a unit.

However, while the recall in North America is unprecedented in terms of the sheer volume of units being recalled, IKEA has announced it will not be making any recalls or offering any refunds in Denmark and other European markets.

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We want answers
The government is now demanding answers as to why.

“We have asked IKEA for an explanation about what has happened in the US market, and also about whether the dressers being recalled meet European safety standards,” Mette Cramon, the communications head at the Danish Safety Technology Authority, told DR.

In response, IKEA Denmark has refused to pull the dressers and has insisted that they meet national safety requirements.


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