Hundred refugee boys involved in mass brawl at football game

Lucie Rychla
July 21st, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Five of them were later reported to the local police

About 100 refugee boys got mixed up in a violent mass brawl during a football tournament that took place in Funen last Saturday.

The tournament was arranged for refugee children from asylum centres in Hundstrup, Ærø and Tullebølle.

According to Ulrik Pihl, the head of the asylum centre Holmegaard, the fight broke out during a game between teams from Hundstrup and Tullebølle, when one of the teams was awarded a free kick.

A player from the opponent team strongly disagreed with the decision, which led to an argument and then escalated into a violent mass brawl.

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Feeling unsafe
After the game, some 10-15 boys picked up another fight near a housing complex in Tullebølle.

Five of them were later identified and reported to the police.

After the disturbing event, local residents expressed concerns and the Tullebølle asylum centre decided to invite them for a meeting that will take place this afternoon.


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