Next stop Carlsberg: Like trains and passengers, our stations come and go

Ben Hamilton
August 5th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Enghave Station closed down over the summer (in case you missed it at the summerhouse)

These student digs have gone up a notch since our day (photo: Luxigon)

Copenhageners returning from lengthy summer holidays on the S-train this weekend – which began on the final day of the Roskilde Festival and included three weeks of flexitime at the summerhouse – might have missed the news there is a new face on the line.

The station of Carlsberg officially opened on July 3, and with it came the closure of one of Vesterbro’s best loved unofficial party venues, Enghave Station, a favoured destination for revellers seeking Distortion, the nearby skater park, and services to the likes of Høje Taastrup, Farum, Frederikssund, Holte and Klampenborg.

Enghave will be demolished this autumn, starting with the stairs on the weekend of September 9-11, during which there will be a replacement bus service on the line.

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A new student city
Meanwhile, Carlsberg Station will service the estimated 10,000 students attending University College Capital, which recently relocated to the new district of Carlsberg City.

The station is part of a 82,000 sqm complex designed by Gottlieb Paludan Architects that includes the UCC campus, retail and business units, and a 100-metre residential tower.

Like trains, they come and go
Carlsberg brewery formerly had its own freight station, Station Høje, from 1937 until its closure in 1985, 23 years prior to its departure from the area.

Enghave Station began life as Vesterfælledvej Station in 1911, changed its name to Enghave  in 1923 and started S-train services in 1934.


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