Out and About: Pluck of the Irish doubles up at Celtics summer tournament

Ben Hamilton
August 13th, 2016

This article is more than 8 years old.

Copenhagen Summer Tournement (all photos: Christian Wenande)

Ireland have done it again, winning their second successive Copenhagen Celtic Summer Tournament, beating Denmark on penalties in an exciting final against Denmark, a team they had previously lost to in the group stage.


Sean Coogan, one of the few surviving players of the last triumph, celebrated with his manager/father, the club’s founder Coogan, who invited all and sundry to drink from his ‘chalice’ “as if he was a f***ing priest” – it was observed by an onlooker.


Thanks to the efforts of organisers Chris Pilbeam and John Treacher (club treasurer and MC, Ton Baks, is sitting – injured again probably), Celtics really put on a show at Kløvermarken on August 6, errecting an unprecedented 11 tents (that mostly stayed up in strong winds) to host a tournament that involved 690 minutes of football.


Among the more colourful teams were Russia, which included CPH POST news editor Christian Wenande (third right),


and a side representing The Globe Pub organised by landlord Brian McKenna.


Afterwards everyone tucked into a barbecued meal prepared by grill meisters Simon Sheard and Neil Jones.



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