Another vehicle hit by a stone tossed from an overpass in Denmark

August 30th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Rock-throwing incidents continue to plague drivers on Danish motorways

Rocks being thrown from motorway bridges are continuing to haunt Danish drivers (photo: Whatlep)

Copenhagen Vestegns regional police are reporting yet another rock-throwing incident on a Danish motorway.

Three or four people were seen running away from an area by Holbaek motorway between Taastrup and Sengeløse where a lorry windshield was struck at about 9:20 this morning by a large stone thrown from a bridge over the motorway.

A deadly game
The attack is the latest of several incidents in which stones have been dropped onto vehicles from motorway bridges.

The most serious of these was when a German woman died on a Funen motorway when a 30-kilo stone struck the car where the woman sat with her husband and her five-year-old son. The boy escaped serious injury, while the man was badly injured.

No arrest has yet been made in that case.


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