Danish priest unhappy with black metal concert being held in church

August 30th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Audience will “call for Satan” says priest

Solbrud will be bringing their music to an unusual venue tonight (photo: Solbrud Bandcamp)

The black metal band Solbrud is scheduled to give a concert in an Aarhus church tonight.

Christian Roar Pedersen, a vicar and media consultant, believes the band’s music crosses the line for what should be permitted in a church.

“It does not fit the character of a sanctuary,” Pedersen told DR Nyheder. “This is a space where we come to baptise babies, get married and to say goodbye to our loved ones.

Boppin’ for Beelzebub
Pedersen said that evidence exists that clearly shows that Solbrud and their audience have no place in a church.

“You can find videos of Roskilde Festival where Solbrud’s audience are chanting “Satan, Satan, Satan” before the concert and flashing devil signs,” said Pedersen.

The parish council has granted Solbrud permission to hold the show inside the church, and Aarhus Bishop Henrik Wigh-Poulsen said that that neither the band nor its audience are Satanists.

“The leadership has been guaranteed that the concert is not related to Satanism,” said Wigh-Poulsen.

“The church is built to stand up against evil and Satan,” he said. “That cannot be damaged by one concert.”

You can listen to Solbrud’s music here.


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