Christiania accepts video surveillance on Pusher Street

Lucie Rychla
September 15th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Copenhagen Police calls the decision “a landmark”

Residents of Christiania have agreed to allow Copenhagen Police to install video surveillance on Pusher Street, where no-one (even tourists) has ever been permitted (unofficially) to take photos since 2004.

The announcement comes after two police officers and a civilian were shot on the street two weeks ago.

Police inspector Thorkild Fogde has called the decision “a landmark” and views it as a “turning point” in the history of the self-proclaimed autonomous neighbourhood.

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After the shooting incident, Copenhagen Police also requested Christianiaites remove stones from access roads to the free state, install proper lighting on Pusher Street and around the ramparts, and prohibit taxis to park on Prinsessegade in front of the entrance to Christiania.

While the residents still have to reach agreement about the other requests, their spokesperson, Hulda Mader, has noted that they cannot really prevent taxis from parking on the street because it is outside their property.


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