No offers of work so far for Metro station sign guy

Yuri Yudelevich
October 4th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

“I wonder if my message was correctly understood,” asks 25-year-old

He caught the public’s imagination last week, but so far the sign-wielding man who stood at Nørreport Metro Station during rush hour advertising his willingness to work has not found any employment.

The whole nation might have seen Emanuel M Kakuja’s telephone number alongside text asking “Har du et job til mig?” (Do you have a job for me?), but so far there have been no offers or job interviews.

Misunderstood message?
“It is surprising,” the 25-year-old Romanian told CPH POST. “I wonder if my message was correctly understood.”

Kakuja’s initiative was applauded in the national media. While his Facebook and LinkedIn profiles were flooded with likes and messages of support, a clip on national broadcaster DR received over 150,000 views.

Echoes of 2013
It recalled the initiative of marketing firm Reputation Copenhagen, which in 2013 rented out a window display at its Copenhagen city centre headquarters to 15 job-seekers.

The initiative, “Udstillet? For Klog til at sidde i et vindue” (Exhibited: Too clever to sit in a window?), yielded immediate success, finding jobs for two of the 15 job-seekers within a week of launching.





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