Schools to be fined for not doing enough to combat bullying

October 10th, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Some school leaders skeptical despite positive results in Norway and Sweden

Schools could be fined for not doing enough about bullying (photo: Diego Grez)

Ellen Trane Nørby, the education minister believes that students should be able to report schools which are not deemed to be doing enough to combat bullying to a national review body that could then levy a fine against the school.

According to Berlingske newspaper, Nørby wants to create the review board in an effort to reduce the number of children and young people being bullied.

“I hope it will have a disciplinary effect,” said Nørby.

“It’s not about beating any specific institutions on the head, but results from Sweden and Norway show that a review body that can apply sanctions can contribute to stronger local prevention of bullying.”

“A bully-free environment”
Nørby said she is aiming for children to be able to attend school in a “bully-free environment”.

The review board would be created under the auspices of the education group Dansk Center for Undervisningsmiljø (DCUM) and would be able to handle cases from pupils at primary schools, private schools, vocational schools and colleges.

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Some teachers’ unions expressed doubt that fining schools would achieve the desired effect.

“That is not what it takes,” said Claus Hjortdal, leader of the head teacher’s union.

“In Denmark, we have a fine tradition of co-operation between schools and parents, and that is the road we must remain on.”


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