Danish auto innovator has Tesla in his sights

November 1st, 2016

This article is more than 7 years old.

Henrik Fisker has unveiled his new electric car: EMotion

Henrik Fisker hopes to overwhelm Tesla with pure EMotion (photo: Fisker)

Henrik Fisker hit Twitter yesterday to unveil his new electric car which he has named ‘EMotion’.

Taking aim at Tesla, the Dane said that the EMotion can go 650 kilometres on a single charge.

“It is the longest range of any electric car in the world,” Fisker told TV 2 Business.

Fisker said that the battery in EMotion also charged faster than any other currently on the market.

“You can drive from Aarhus to Copenhagen and back without having to recharge,” said Fisker.

Electric car sales lagging
Fisker said that the EMotion will cost less than 300,000 kroner and that his car is designed with “all of the right materials in all of the right places”. He also touted the amount of room for passengers in the EMotion.

Meanwhile, the sales of electric cars in Denmark are lagging far behind what was expected. Around 1,800 electric cars were expected to be sold in Denmark in 2016. According to numbers from Danmarks Statistik, only 682 electric cars have been sold thus far in 2016.

The trend is likely down to the government’s decision last October to phase back the registration tax for electric cars over the next four years.


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