Reducing Food Waste: Moving Beyond Compliance

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November 2nd, 2016

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Oikos Student Academy is a project group of the Copenhagen chapter of oikos international, an international student organization that is setup to bring students from environmental, social and economic fields to provide a platform to collaborate with other professionals and academics. The organization is a non-profit and run by students enrolled in Copenhagen Business School, sharing and exchanging knowledge on sustainable economics and management.

In their upcoming event on 14 November in Auditorium SP202 at CBS in Frederiksberg, Oikos Student Academy will be hosting their first event of a series of lectures seminars planned for the entire winter/spring season 2016/17.

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Event Theme: Reducing food waste from an Industry, Technology, and Academic perspective.

Speakers: Annemarie Mielsing, CHr. Hansen; Kim Escherich, IBM; Steen Vallentin, CBS.

Format: Short presentations from each speaker followed by an interactive Q&A/Panel Debate – Food and refreshments will be served.

Sign up here for the event: https://oikoscph.typeform.com/to/oIKraC , The event is free of cost but registration is needed to make necessary arrangements for guests. (Note! when signing up for the event via our registration system typeform, you will see a confirmation screen upon completion, but you will NOT receive a confirmation email)

Description and presentation of Speakers:

Oikos and their partners, like others in the sector have identified key challenges to the future of business. To showcase the difference between complying with regulations and reporting standards, and proactively ensuring a better, more sustainable future is the focus of these seminar series.

Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company based out of Denmark, and will have recently unveiled the results of a ‘food waste’ study, and how the use of Chr. Hansen enzymes can reduce food waste in their partners supply chains, as well as in the hands of consumers. Read about their sustainability strategy here: http://www.chr-hansen.com/sustainability

IBM is a global technology company and software consultancy, and has made significant investments in the future of tech, mainly in I.O.T. and cognitive solutions through their A.I. Watson. Read about their approach to smart sustainability here:http://www.ibm.com/ibm/green/sustainability_solutions.html

Steen Vallentin is an Associate professor at CBS, and specializes in the politics, governance, and public opinion of Corporate Social Responsibility. Read about him here: http://bit.ly/1oHmQt9

More Information about Oikos Academy : http://oikos-international.org/copenhagen/projects/oikos-academy/oikos-academy-2016/


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