UCPH students aced at Venture Cup Challenge for university startups

Lucie Rychla
February 9th, 2017

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Annual competition helps students develop their innovative ideas into successful businesses

The team of OSAA Innovation was named the overall winner for its mobile IV solution (photo: Venture Cup Challenge)

Students from the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) have won in four out of seven categories at this year’s Venture Cup Challenge for university startups.

According to Natasha Bagger Sørensen, a communications officer at UCPH, it is a great achievement for the university, which has in recent years worked hard to integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into its education programs.

The annual Venture Cup competition provides a common platform for all Danish universities and helps students develop their ideas into successful businesses.

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Mobile intravenous solution
OSAA Innovation – a team of students from UCPH, Roskilde University and DTU –was named the overall winner and also won in the category ‘HealthTech’.

The team has developed a unique, fully-patented, mobile intravenous solution that is completely mechanical, safe and made out of reusable material. It gives patients a greater freedom of movement, as the drip bag with fluids does not have to be attached to a pole, but can be carried in a specially designed IV-GO box.

OSAA Innovation has received a 25,000 kroner reward, and two of its members will get a chance to present the idea in Silicon Valley, where they hope to attract investors.

UCPH students also won in the categories ‘GreenTech’ (for air purifying technology), ‘Products & Devices – active stage’ (for a male fertility app), and ‘Mobile & Web – active stage’ (for a digital booking of harbour facilities system).


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