The tabloids’ new darling is a female Danish-Kurdish sniper fighting IS

Ben Hamilton
February 13th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

It would appear that Joanna Palani welcomes the publicity, although she claims she is not a narcissist

It would appear the English tabloids are going to run the story about Danish sniper Joanna Palani every time a new photo is posted on her Facebook page.

Busy going viral on social media, many commenters are questioning whether Palani, 23, would want her name and vital measurements shared all over cyberspace, given that the Islamic State has placed a 1 million dollar bounty on her head.

Others are questioning whether it is fake news – particularly Palani’s claim that she has killed over a hundred jihadists in Iraq and Syria with her sniper’s rifle.

Not a narcissist
A quick visit to her Facebook page would appear to confirm she welcomes the publicity, but yesterday she issued a statement that suggested the contrary.

“There are many many fake accounts on Facebook in my name. Please don’t add them and if possible report them,” she wrote.

“I have not started any community or group in my name and I don’t post daily messages etc. Nor do I do posts on articles about me since I am not a narcissist.”

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Classic tabloid fodder
A day rarely goes by without a tabloid in Denmark or the UK picking up her story.

Palani first hit the headlines in October 2015 when she was banned from leaving Denmark for a year for fighting IS on behalf of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces.

Her lawyer argued at the time that it made no sense as Palani, who has Kurdish roots, was fighting for the allied coalition, which Denmark supports in the fight against IS.

Palani violated the ban to return to the region in 2016 – an offence that could end up earning her a six-month prison sentence.


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