National News in Brief: Muslim politician confronts hate mail sender

Ben Hamilton
July 3rd, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

In other news, a landmark case goes against the handicapped, Monday looks set to be a mean one in the skies, and some surprising sports gear is found in west Zealand

Stefan didn’t let up over the 90 minutes, but he can expect a return visit, says the MP (photo: BBC screenshot)

A BBC video featuring Özlem Cekic confronting a member of the Danish public who sent her hate mail is rapidly going viral with 2 million views and counting. The Muslim politician, an MP for Socialistisk Folkeparti from 2007-15, regularly travels across the country to meet her critics face-to-face to discuss their Islamophobic stance. She calls the meetings ‘dialogkaffe’ and she often meets the perpetrator more than once. In this case, she met Stefan who had told her he “hated everything she stood for” and that she should go home, calling her a monkey and nasty vermin. And he didn’t really let up when they met for 90 minutes, reducing her to tears despite the cameras.

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Court rules handicapped can’t vote in general election
In a landmark ruling, four handicapped people have failed with a courtroom bid to overturn legislation that prohibits them from voting in the General Election because a guardian handles their financial matters. Had the Eastern High Court approved the lawsuit against the state, it is believed a further 2,000 similarly affected people stood to benefit. Last year, Parliament passed a bill that guaranteed their right to vote in municipal, regional and European Parliament elections, but not parliamentary ones.

Venomous weather heading our way today
Monday afternoon will see the worst of this week’s weather with isolated thunderstorms and hail hitting random parts of the country hard. A front passing over from the east will be quite venomous. “If you’re windsurfing, you might be happy,” DMI told Ekstra Bladet. However, things will slowly improve over the rest of the week, according to the national forecaster. “Thursday should be sunny and with hardly any wind,” it predicts.

Surprising gear found in sports hall equipment locker
Three men stand accused of dealing drugs in west Zealand. Searches carried out by South Zealand and Lolland-Falster Police uncovered 17 kilos of speed, seven kilos of cocaine and two guns along with a silencer, which along with most of the cocaine was hidden in a sports hall equipment locker in Sørbymagle. The court case begins in Næstved in early August.


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