Justice Minister fights back with new package of anti-gang measures

August 11th, 2017

This article is more than 6 years old.

The recent spate of gang-related shootings in Copenhagen and other towns has sparked a sharp response from the government

The justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen, is an angry man. At a press conference this afternoon to present the latest anti-gang measures, the minister called the situation “grotesque” and admitted that he was “furious”, according to DR Nyheder.

Poulsen revealed a package consisting of 12 new initiatives designed to stop the gang war that has been raging on the streets of Copenhagen for the past few weeks. There were three shootings recorded only last night.

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Increasing pressure on criminals
“The large number of shooting incidents show that the situation is extremely serious. Both as a citizen and as justice minister I must emphasise that we will use all the methods at our disposal to increase the already massive pressure on gangs,” Poulsen told DR Nyheder.

Among other things, the police will employ around 25 computer specialists, all experts in following digital clues.

About the same number of people will be engaged in preventative work in areas judged to be specially at risk. The aim is to stop young people being recruited by gangs in the first place.

Another proposal would make it mandatory for people who wish to wear a bulletproof vest to register it with the police.

Freeing up more manpower
In addition, the military will take over some of the tasks that the police perform at present regarding border controls, thus freeing up police manpower for anti-gang measures.

The minister emphasised that the new measures should be seen as a continuation of the ones already in place.


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