Local News in Brief: Shots in the suburbs as visitation zones return

In other news, the discovery of a firearm at Christiania provides the police with a chance to warn the public against buying their cannabis there

Last summer’s Copenhagen gang war may have ended, but the gun violence in the capital region has not.

Local police confirmed today that a visitation zone has been introduced in Albertslund Municipality following a number of shootings in the Greater Copenhagen suburb.

The latest was at around 04:00 this morning, when police found bullet holes at an address at Tranehusene where gunfire was also reported on Monday and Tuesday.

It followed an incident yesterday, when a passer-by was randomly shot in the leg on Roskildevej by the occupants of a silver grey car who opened fire on a black BMW.

Drug dealer turf scuffle
Police also chose to cordon off a residential area following a violent assault on a man in the western Greater Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre on Good Friday.

A crowd of youngsters encircled the man in the Maglekær neighbourhood at around 18:00.

The police believe the attack was linked to local drug dealers defending their territory, but not necessarily gang-related. The man was pretty much unhurt.

Trouble in Odense too
Meanwhile, a visitation zone has also been set up in the troubled Odense neighbourhood of Vollsmose following a shooting on Sunday.

Police believe the shooting, in which no-one was injured, was related to a stabbing earlier in the day.

The zone will stay in place until noon on April 17.

The drug trials that will never stop
The withdrawal of several judges has cleared the way for the commencement of the already long-running Christiania drug trials, which are due to start at Østre Landsret, the eastern high court. Some 11 people appealed against their city court sentences for drug dealing – the result of the years-long Operation Nordlys, which began in March 2014. The trials have been dogged with controversy from the start – mainly due to collusion between the police and the prosecutors – and there are many who feel the cases should be reheard in the city court.

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Remember that Pusher Street is a loaded gun – police
The police has appealed to the public who visit Christiania to buy cannabis to remember they are supporting organised crime. The plea followed the discovery of a loaded gun at Pusher Street on March 28. In August 2016, the police were involved in a shootout at the market in which a police officer was shot in the head and two others also sustained injuries.

Supervisor of killer nurse guilty of gross negligence
The supervisor of the nurse Christina Hansen, whose life sentence was commuted to 12 years last year for attempting to murder a number of her patients, has been fired for neglecting her duties at Nykøbing Falster Hospital. The court ruled she had failed to respond quickly enough to a number of allegations about Hansen, finding her guilty of gross and repeated negligence. However, it decided not to follow the prosecutor’s recommendation and imprison her for four months.

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Large residential fire in Lyngby causes extensive damage
A large fire broke out at a residential property on Poppelhegnet in Lyngby, a northern suburb of Greater Copenhagen, on Tuesday. It quickly engulfed several flats and the whole buildings, causing extensive damage and leading to a mass evacuation.


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