Online pushers deny culpability for drug overdoses

Oliver Raassina
July 4th, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

The expanding online drug trade has created anonymity for dealers and uncertainty for users.

Online drug dealers do not consider themselves at blame for what happens to their customers (photo: Pixabay)

Online drug dealers deny any responsibility for what their product does to customers, DR Nyheder reports.

“If I don’t sell it to them, someone else will,” one of the dealers said.

“I would of course get a guilty conscience and feel terrible if my customers got sick or even died,” another said before adding that they are still willing to gamble with people’s lives.

Online black market
The online drug trade has grown over the past decade, with dealers using various methods to sell drugs such as cocaine and ecstasy.

Social media has proven a particularly effective way of doing so, with sellers being able to move their product fast and buyers having access to a wide range of different drugs.

As social media has grown, so too has the amount of drugs sold online according to Danish police and drug experts.

Selling to idiots
The sellers would appear to think their customers are idiots – and possibly with good reason.

One user who had previously overdosed on cocaine said he would probably continue to use the drug because of his friends, but in the future “take smaller doses” as it can be “dangerous to mess around with”.

Even the sellers warn people not to trust them.

“You can never feel safe purchasing drugs. Only idiots are not afraid of drugs,” they said.


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