Madsen trial postponed as judge collapses in court

Ben Hamilton
September 14th, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

Impossible to say when proceedings will reconvene, but it could be some time

The controversy continues (photo: Frumperino)

What should have been the third and final day in the Peter Madsen appeal case ended in confusion at the Østre Landsret high court this morning after one of the judges was rushed to hospital.

The proceedings have been cancelled, but given the difficulty of finding a free day in the calendar when the judges and legal teams are available, it is impossible to say at this stage when the case will proceed again.

Already missing a judge
On Wednesday, the court was informed that one of the three lay-judges (domsmænd) had to vacate his seat due to a conflict of interest involved in his decision to accept a seat on a board.

However, in accordance with the rules, the case could continue with two lay-judges (with 1.5 votes each) and three judges.

Judge on his way to hospital
But when Jan Uffe Rasmussen lost consciousness at around 10:00 while reaching for a glass of water, fell over and eventually left the court on a stretcher, that left the court with only one judge.

According to DR, Rasmussen regained consciousness in the ambulance.


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