Local News in Brief: How much hygge can they take? This panel goes up to seven

In other news, the Metro company has had enough and agreed to pay its fines, while rapper Lil Pump took one on the chin from the local police force during his visit to Copenhagen earlier this week

Most panels tend to have between three and five people sitting on them. ‘X Factor’, for example, as there’s only so long we can listen to all that drivel, and ‘BBC Question Time’ – where hearing from the audience tends to be the biggest draw.

Granted, the House of Un-American Activities Committee had a fair number, but did they ever have as many as seven?

Well, somebody should contact Guinness World Records, as tomorrow’s ‘Spouse Connect Family Event’ at Studieskolen has a panel discussion of goliath proportions, although the focus is more wholesomely Danish than un-American.

Extensive children’s activities
‘Hygge’ is the topic of discussion – so no room at the table for Joseph McCarthy and his cronies – but not the only point of focus at the December 6 event at Studieskole, which begins at 16:00 and needs prior registration.

There will also be an extensive program of children’s activities, including a distribution or two of presents, carol singing, a Christmas decoration workshop, and a lively presentation of the world of HC Andersen by author Heather Gartside, followed by readings of some of his fairy-tales.

Music will then follow – there’s a cello or two in the house – as well as coffee, soft drinks, snacks … and glögg for the adults – many of whom are spouses of recently relocated workers, who are interested in finding a job themselves, learning Danish and meeting people in a similar situation.

“If you miss meeting up with other spouses in Copenhagen and the surrounding area, then you are not alone,” explained Karey-Anne Duevang, the head of the Welcome Group Consulting, the co-organiser of the event with Studieskole.

“Spouses from Helsingør to Roskilde and Køge to Næstved also want the same thing – to gather, share experiences and have some fun with people in a similar situation.”

Who’s on the panel this week?
Switching back to the debate, which is due to start at around 17:00, as well as hygge the expat panel will also discuss how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

The seven guests on the panel are Jonathan Davis from Microsoft, co-organisers Karey-Anne Duevang and Heather Gartside, and four US/UK expat parents, who between them have lived in Denmark for 40-odd years: Leslea Petersen, Tammy Christiansen, Mark Walker and Carriene Rendbo, the owner of the I Love Natural Hair business.

The eagle-eyed readers among you might recognise the name Mark Walker, as he used to be our main film reviewer. Before moving to Denmark, he was a noted director working in British television, and now here he continues to make films and even ‘Twin Peaks’ podcasts.

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Rapper arrested in Copenhagen
US rapper Lil Pump was arrested on Tuesday but quickly released, reports Ekstra Bladet. It is believed that officers stopped the car transporting the rapper, who gave a performance at Vega on Monday night, searched some of the occupants and then took them to the nearest police station – Lil Pump included. His concert in Finland on Tuesday was cancelled.

Metro company takes its medicine
Metroselskab, the company in charge of the capital’s Metro system, has been fined 1 million kroner for breaching the arbejdsmiljøloven working environment act 17 times. Metroselskab had been due to appear in court on Monday to contest the fines, but then decided to pay them. Some of the breaches involved workers on the new City Ring line getting injured, with one employee needing to have two of his fingers amputated after they were crushed by concrete. The incidents all occurred between October 2015 and January 2017.

KB Hallen reopening today
KB Hallen is reopening today at 15:00 in Frederiksberg, some seven years and three months after it was destroyed in a huge fire – a blaze so strong it lit up the Copenhagen skyline, filling it with dark clouds – prior to it hosting a pornography convention. It then transpired that the hall had not properly renewed its insurance, and the rebuilding of the iconic building, which famously received the Beatles in 1964, was reliant on the generosity of funds such as the AP Møller Foundation. Crown Prince Frederik will be among the attendees at the opening ceremony, while its first concert is scheduled for January 24.

Best international public school in Denmark? Probably … as it’s the only one
The European School, a public international school that opened in 2014 at a temporary base in Sydhavn, has moved into a new home in the Carlsberg district. At present, the school is split into two language sections – Danish and English – with plans to introduce a French-speaking section next year. Once fully subscribed, the school will be attended by a thousand pupils aged six to 16.

Christmas trees light switched on
The lights on the Rådhuspladsen Christmas tree were officially illuminated on Sunday by, who else, Father Christmas, who as tradition would have it climbs a really tall ladder to spark up a welding torch. This year’s tree, which is from Gribskov, is 20 metres tall, weighs about four tonnes and is decorated with 800 LED lights and 100 Christmas hearts from the Børnenes Kontor. Ahead of the big moment, a Christmas procession walked across the city from Nyhavn.

If anyone’s used to heights (photo: Hasse Ferrold)

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