Out & About: Cellos, hellos and mellow times at the Spouse Connect Family Event

Dave Smith
December 29th, 2018

This article is more than 5 years old.

A nation of skilled Christmas decoration makers (all photos: Tanya Vinogradova)

The long-running language centre Studieskole, just off Gothersgade, was the venue for the ‘Spouse Connect Family Event’ on Thursday December 6, which with Christmas coming up really upped the ante for their monthly meeting.

The program included a presentation on HC Andersen by author Heather Gartside (below: in red), along with some readings of his fairy-tales, a cello recital or two, and a panel discussion addressing the appeal of hygge and how Christmas is celebrated in different countries.

Organised by the school in collaboration with Karey-Anne Duevang, the head of the Welcome Group Consulting, a great many families turned up, treated as they entered to a coffee, glögg, soft drinks and snacks.

The biggest draw of the night proved to be the panel discussion, where Gartfield was joined by several others, including Mark Walker (right: left), a sometime reviewer for CPH POST, and Jonathan Davis from Microsoft.

Also present was Carriene Rendbo, the owner of the I Love Natural Hair business, but try as she might she couldn’t persuade Walker to take off his cap.


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