MP wants Danish government to help permanent residence applicants

Roselyne Min
April 30th, 2020

This article is more than 3 years old.

Danish politician Rosa Lund believes that exceptions to the permanent residence permit requirements should be made during the Coronavirus Crisis.

In light of the government’s effort to protect those who are affected by the Coronavirus Crisis, those seeking to apply for a permanent residence permit can also expect a hand from the government.

Enhedslisten politician Rosa Lund has announced she is going to discuss adjustments to permanent residence permit requirements with the minister for immigration and integration.

While the politician praised the government’s aid packages, she urges to include people who are becoming Danish citizens as well.

No help
“People applying for a permanent residence permit in Denmark have not received a hand from the government,” Lund enthused.

She acknowledges that the strict employment requirements in the current situation could discourage some applicants who would have been qualified otherwise.

“The current crisis makes it impossible to find a job. If you get fired now, you lose the opportunity to apply for permanent stay,” Lund wrote on Facebook.

She pledged to take the case to Parliament tonight.


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