My interview with Hervé: Do you hear the roars at the theatre?

CPH POST catches up with one of drama’s hottest new stars

Danish-Ivorian actor Hervé Toure’s theatrical show ‘Do You Hear The Roars Outside This Building?’ was initially performed at Union KBH this winter.

The story of the leader of a fictional African nation is a conversation-starter.

After Union decided to welcome the show back in June, we caught up with Toure to speak about his vision.

How did you get the idea for the play? 

I am not a hundred percent sure. But when looking at it in retrospect, I know that it has been in the making since my teenage days – I just didn’t have the language for what I was seeing, hearing and experiencing. I was also surprised that it was rare for people outside the continent to know about these kinds of stories. 

What are your goals with the play? 

My goal with the play is to create a debate. We don’t need to agree, but I want to create a bridge of understanding. Because ‘Do You Hear The Roars Outside This Building’ shows a different narrative. I want to challenge people’s worldviews. And I want people to know that we can make a huge difference as individuals. I also want to inspire others to make similar plays, because we need more stories like this. 

What were your thoughts behind choosing a one-man show? 

I want people to be in the skin of Saam Deetrys, experiencing his thoughts and emotions, discovering each revelation while having their own. I think a one-man show was the best way to do that. But with that said, while there is just one man on stage, it is definitely not a one-man show. I will be interacting with the voice-play of the gifted Karim Theilgaard, who plays the different roles of the Western Media and the Heads of State. The effects and sounds will get you in the mood as well. 

Did you learn anything from the first run?

Yes! I realised that people are ready to participate in the debate and ready to share their knowledge on the subject or just learn and try to understand. And that is the purpose of the play. Each time I do the show I learn more about the subject and the nuances of the show by talking to the people who have seen the show. I am appreciative of that and encourage the audience to reach out afterwards, because I will visit other countries with the show – initially other Scandinavian countries. 

Why should people come to the show? 

We need more voices in the debate, if not more so than a bigger understanding. I think this play will challenge your worldview and make you think about the news you consume. It will make you think, feel and consider the ‘why’. 

Is there anywhere else people interested in seeing your work can catch you? 

I would appreciate it if people would join me on my Instagram page and my website. If there is some content you find interesting, or something you want me to explore, let me know: it doesn’t have to be the same subject. I have a movie coming out this year called ‘Wake up with Denmark’ by Joseph Palau, a director and scriptwriter who can turn pages into magic.

Early bird tickets are available via this link

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