Energistyrelsen considering energy rationing

Didong Zhao
August 17th, 2022

This article is more than 1 year old.

thermal power stations results in conversion losses. (photo: Jonas Smith/ Flickr)

In response to the gas crisis caused by Russia, Energistyrelsen is investigating the possibility of rationing energy in the future.

Since the outbreak of the War in Ukraine, the gas supply from Russia to Europe has become unstable. Russia could potentially cut it off at any time.

To Germany, one of its biggest recipients, the supply is currently running at a fifth of its capacity.

Several European countries, including Spain and Germany, are already taking steps to reduce usage, including switching off street lighting and shutting down air-conditioning. 

Fear of gas shortages 
Overall, Denmark is less dependent on gas than many other European countries. However, while its situation is optimistic in the short-term, there are worries about the long-term.

“Thanks to the green transition in our industry and our biogas production, we have full stocks of gas now, but we could face a serious crisis in the long term,” Martin Hansen, the deputy head of Energistyrelsen, told TV2.

The initiatives and the effects taken by other countries like Germany are being assessed by Energistyrelsen, but “no political decision has been made on anything yet”, he added.

Nevertheless, Energistyrelsen has launched a campaign this summer to encourage Danish households and businesses to save energy, which will be intensified heading into the autumn.


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