Three gas pipeline leaks in vicinity of Bornholm – Danish PM suspects sabotage

Ben Hamilton
September 27th, 2022

This article is more than 2 years old.

Nord Stream 1, which carries energy from Russia to Germany, sustained two leakages today, while a sister line that follows the same route incurred one yesterday

The pipelines pass very close to Bornholm (image: Samuel Bailey)

The whole world’s attention is right now on Bornholm, Denmark’s island in the Baltic Sea. And no, it isn’t because it was recently named the 15th best island in the world.

Three gas leaks have occurred over the last 36 hours – two on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline and one on Nord Stream 2 – raising questions about who might be responsible, with many pointing the finger at Russia.

The timing is strange though, as neither pipeline was operational because Russia ceased supplying gas to Germany via Nord Stream 1, while Nord Stream 2 had not officially opened yet. 

While gas was released from both pipelines in the leaks, the incidents have no supply consequences for Denmark.

One yesterday, two today
The first leak was detected on Monday on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline 24 km south of Dueodde.

And then on Tuesday morning, two leaks were found on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline northeast of Bornholm.

The Danish Maritime Authority has set up exclusion zones around the leaks to prohibit both vessels and planes from getting too close.

One would be unfortunate, three sounds like sabotage
PM Mette Frederiksen has said three leaks is too many to be a coincidence and that sabotage cannot be ruled out.

“It is unusual, and I would like to say that we, on the part of the government and the authorities, take it very seriously,” she said.

“We cannot rule sabotage out. It is too early to conclude yet, but it is an extraordinary situation, and there are three leaks, and therefore it is difficult to imagine that it could be accidental.” 

Bumper day for pipelines
It is a coincidence that Frederiksen is currently in Poland in connection with the opening of another gas pipeline.

The Baltic Pipe will carry gas from Norway through Danish territory to Poland.

Energistyrelsen has raised its preparedness for the electricity and gas sector to the second highest level in response to the leaks.


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