Copenhageners could swim in entire city harbour next summer

Christian W    December 2nd, 2022

Designated swimming zones could be a thing of the past after mayor proposes to legalise swimming in entire waterfront area

Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen in front of one of Copenhagen’s eleven swimming zones (photo: Facebook/Sophie Hæstorp Andersen)

In recent years, Copenhagen has often been praised for being among the top cities in the world to swim in thanks to the clean water in its harbour.

But next summer, the Danish capital could take another leap forward in that respect as City Hall is considering plans to legalise swimming across the entire waterfront.

Mayor on the case
Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen has teamed up with several other parties to propose looking into whether to do away with the designated swimming zones and instead have a few designated off-limit zones instead.

“Instead of having limited zones where it is permitted to swim, I think we should turn the logic on its head regarding swimming in the harbour,” wrote Andersen on Facebook.

“So people can jump in the harbour anywhere. And if it is a hazard in certain areas, for instance due to boat traffic or sewer outlets, then we will ban swimming in those limited areas – let’s be honest, there isn’t enough room for us all on warm summer days at Nordhavn or Kalvebod Brygge, for example.”

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No more fines
Currently, there are three harbour baths and eleven swimming zones in Copenhagen Harbour. Swimming outside those designated zones can result in fines.

Should the proposal go through, the city will investigate what needs to be done in order for the entire harbour to be opened up for swimming.

Among those who have opposed the proposal is Stromma, which operates canal boat tours.

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