Sex doll brothel opens in Denmark’s second largest city

The brothel is the first of its kind to launch in Denmark

Spoilt for choice (photo: Dollfriend)
March 6th, 2018 8:10 pm| by Douglas Whitbread

Last year, Aarhus was named the European capital of culture. However, in 2018 it has received a different accolade – becoming the first city in the country to gain a sex doll brothel.

‘Doll House’, which opened last week, offers services solely to male clients. The establishment is made up of five themed rooms that cater to a range of alternative tastes and preferences. These include a: ‘classroom’, ‘living room’ and ‘doctor’s room’.

Customers can choose from five different sex dolls, each with different names and aesthetic characteristics. The dolls are all made of thermoplastic rubber and stainless steel, weighing roughly 50 kilos.

The venue’s marketing tag line is: “The place where all gentleman are welcome and where girls don’t say ‘no’.”

Sex trends spread
Aarhus is the fourth major city in Europe to open a sex doll brothel following Barcelona, Paris and Dortmund.

However, the Danish port city is perhaps not the first location where a bordello of this kind would be expected to gain a footing in the country.

In 2015, erotic product retailer Sinful reported that the residents of Randers spent twice as much on sex toys compared with the average in Denmark.

Aarhus finished sixth on the list, whilst Copenhagen was one place below. The company consequently named Randers Denmark’s “sexiest city”.

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