TV medium who stabbed daughters to use temporary insanity defence

Graham Bishop, who claims to be possessed by the spirit of ‘Dr Karl’, pleads not guilty in court and is sent to isolation in psychiatric hospital

Graham Bishop, the 58-year-old British man accused of stabbing his four-year-old twin daughters, appeared in court yesterday and pleaded not guilty. At a preliminary hearing, Bishop’s lawyer indicated that his client would point to temporary insanity in his defence.

“There is a likelihood that he was suffering from insanity at the time [of the attack],” the lawyer said.

According to B.T. tabloid, Bishop entered the courtroom on crutches, appearing bruised and battered from his self-inflicted wounds following last Sunday’s attack. Bishop, who moved to Denmark from  England in 2000, was accompanied in court by an English-speaking interpreter. Bishop is a medium who has appeared on several Danish reality shows. He claims that he can communicate with spirits and that he often does so by being possessed by a spirit he calls 'Dr Karl'.

Bishop is accused of stabbing his daughters in Rigshospital’s paediatric centre on Sunday. One of the daughters was receiving long-term care at the facility. When police entered the room following the stabbing, Bishop reportedly stabbed himself in the stomach and jumped out of the window. Both girls are in a stable condition at Rigshospital, but are yet to wake up from their comas according to B.T.

According to Ekstra Bladet tabloid, Bishop’s wife, who is considerably younger than the one-time reality TV personality, had told him that she wanted a divorce, which caused him to carry out the attack.