Weapons seized from Danish students on Prague bus

No students came forward when police confiscated knives and electric brass knuckles from their bags at a border control

Danish police have this morning confiscated several bags loaded with weapons after searching a bus full of upper-secondary students near the German border.

The students from a school in Odense were returning from a trip to the Czech capital Prague, Southern Jutland Police reports.

"Each was told to get their bags until there was only a sports bag and several small bags left," police spokesperson Erik Lindholdt told Politiken newspaper. "They were filled up with weapons like knives, blunt weapons and stun guns."

The bags contained a wide range of illegal arms that will soon be destroyed.

"We've found all kinds of things. A stun gun, a slingshot with steel bullets, pepper spray, a cosh baton and electric brass knuckles – just to mention a few," Lindholdt said. 

He wouldn't reveal why the police pulled over the bus in the first place.

No-one has been charged with illegal weapon smuggling as none of the students wanted to come forward.