Defence Ministry withheld important documents about cybersecurity

MPs criticise ministry, which claims it was an honest mistake

Contributions from Rigspolitiet, the national police force, and Rigsadvokaten, the attorney-general's office, were not among 23 consultation responses submitted by the Defence Ministry to MPs ahead of discussions on Tuesday concerning the country's cybersecurity, according to Politiken.

Both responses were warnings about the Center for Cybersikkerhed, which could be granted greater access to the personal information of people living in Denmark, if MPs vote to approve a forthcoming bill.

Just a mistake
Lars Findsen, a department head at the Defense Ministry, explained that it was a misunderstanding.

“The two documents were forwarded through the Justice Ministry," he told Politiken.

"We therefore thought they were internal consultation responses, which should not be forwarded to parliament."

However, since the error, the warnings have been sent to the parties' spokespersons.

Parliament members not satisfied

Venstre's IT spokesperson Michael Aastrup Jensen was not convinced.

“You could get the suspicion that they are trying to hide something,” he told Politiken.