Youngsters with immigrants roots should have an easier path to citizenship

Bill submitted to parliament to fast track “well integrated” immigrant kids

Youngsters born and raised in Denmark should be granted citizenship quickly and easily, according to a bill introduced today by the government.

According to the bill, “well integrated“ young people who grew up in Denmark should be able to become citizens simply by making a statement of their desire to do so to the government.

Certain conditions would be required, including never having been convicted of a serious crime.

“The government believes that well-integrated young people should find it easier to obtain citizenship,” said Karen Hækkerup, the justice minister.

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To qualify to declare themselves citizens, young people must meet a number of conditions, including being born and raised in Denmark, having taken the public school final exams in the 9th or 10 grade with an overall mark of at least 02, and not having been convicted of serious crimes.

CORRECTION: The headline for this story was corrected after a reader pointed out that it did not accurately reflect the story