Capital Region used quarter of a million kroner on printing and postage instead of sending an email

Politicians critical of wasteful campaign

Several members of the Capital Region council have criticised the organisation's management for wasting taxpayer money on a postal information campaign, DR Nyheder reports.

The criticism relates to more than a quarter of a million kroner being spent on sending letters to the home addresses of 36,000 employees to inform them about the region’s new ’Focus and Simplification’ (’Fokus og Forenkling’) strategy.

The printing cost was 63,000 kroner and the postage amounted to a further 200,000 kroner.

Should have sent an email
A number of regional council members, including Mette Abildgaard, say that the decision lacked judgement at a time when employees are being asked to work more efficiently to save the region money.

“We could have sent an email,” she said.