“Man in the red car” found guilty

Odense man who abused young girls to serve time and pay damages

The infamous “man in the red car” who was accused of being behind a series of sexual assaults on young girls on the island of Funen has been found guilty.

The 41-year-old man from Odense who trapped and abused two young girls in the autumn of 2012 was convicted on 11 counts, including sexual abuse, attempted rape, possession of child pornography, possession of explosives and violation of the Arms Act.

The sexual abuse of the two girls took place in the autumn of 2012, when the man lured the girls to his red car. 

The first assault took place in southern Funen on 26 October, 2012 when an 11-year-old girl was forced into the back of a car, sexually assaulted and later released. The second victim, a 10-year-old girl, was abducted and attacked in a similar manner on 15 November, 2012.

Fire led to arrest
Residents joined police in a nationwide search for 'the man in the red car’.

Police arrested the man after a fire broke out in Odense. He was arrested for possessing the chemicals and was found to have neck warmers and cable ties in his possession, both of which were also used in the sexual assaults. 

"When we discovered the strips and neck warmers, we made a connection to the [sexual assault] cases, where those were also used," Henrik Justesen of Fyens Politi told DR. "We requested a mouth swab, and the man's DNA matched the DNA profile found on the girls."

Had more assaults planned
The man said at trial that he was “partially guilty” of the charges against him. He is currently in protective custody and will undergo a mental examination before his sentence is decided. The prosecution has asked for 12 years in prison and that he be ordered to pay 100,000 kroner in damages to each of the girls.

The court said that it was clear that the man intended to commit more sexual assaults. He had written his plans down in a diary, and paraphernalia used in the assaults was found in his car.

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The abuser was acquitted of consummating the rapes. He was also acquitted of the charge of intending to distribute photographs and video footage he took of the girls.