Christmas party: Your boss, photography and limitless drink for over-18s

Survey reveals what Danes think about their infamous office Christmas parties

It’s known internationally as the day when the company photocopier takes a beating, but it would appear that the risks to your career are just as severe as the office equipment.

As the office Christmas party season approaches, the Danish commercial organisation Dansk Erhverv has conducted a survey to shed light on what Danes really think about the occasion.

Boss welcome
According to Dansk Erhverv, one of the dangers of the Christmas party is employees becoming unguarded when talking to their employer. However, the majority of those asked, 58 percent, thought that keeping the boss away was not the way to navigate the perils of the party.

It appears that limiting alcoholic intake is not the answer either, unless you’re under 18. When asked if there should be guidelines for how much you should drink, a resounding 77 percent of Danes answered ‘no’, with only 13 percent responding in the affirmative and the rest undecided.

In contrast, 72 percent of those asked think there should be guidelines for how much young employees drink.

Get rid of the evidence
It was a more mixed picture when it came to photographs taken during the party. When asked if companies should have rules and guidelines for documenting the proceedings on film, 32 percent answered yes, 49 percent were against and 19 percent didn’t know.

The survey was carried out by Norstat for Dansk Erhverv and 1,002 online responses were collected.