Danes call for green energy to be more economically viable

The Danes love green energy, but a lack of economic incentives means that there is simply no money for renewable investments

Denmark has long shown considerable interest and goodwill towards renewable energy. With the ever-increasing need for an alternative plan in terms of energy consumption, many Danes are eager to get involved. 

Homeowners now have several options to switch to greener energy, with many products available in the form of solar panels, heat pumps or small wind turbines. 

Half of Danes want to invest
The 2015 Building Energy Analysis reveals that almost every second Dane would like to invest in green energy for their home. Of those, 27 percent of respondents feel that acquiring renewable energy is too large an investment, and 18 percent believe that the economic conditions are far too uncertain for such a substantial investment.

Lack of economic incentives
"A lack of economic incentives means that many Danes can no longer afford to make green investments”, said energy policy consultant in the Danish Construction Association, Camilla Damsø Pedersen.

“The investment climate in green initiatives will be significantly improved if we obtain stable, transparent economic conditions”, says Pedersen. "We should have said goodbye to fossil fuels, and therefore made green energy more economically accessible." 

Despite its costliness, the positive gains obtained from renewable energy are countless. Supporters claim that Danes who choose to invest in renewable energy will not only be contributing in the increasingly important transition to green energy, but will also be more aware of their own energy consumption within their own homes.