Royal couple wraps up Japanese visit

Frederik and Mary turn Japanese to promote Greenland

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik's three-day tour of Japan came to an end last Saturday. The couple were bid farewell by Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan. The Danish and Japanese royals came together to dine at the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo ahead of Mary and Frederik's departure.

Earlier in the day the couple, who were visiting Japan to promote Greenland, visited the Spiritual Greenland exhibition in Tokyo.

Mary and Frederik began their tour of Japan last Thursday when they attended a national Greenlandic concert and dinner in the city. The following morning the couple toured the Kyu Asakurake Jutaku gardens, at met with officials to help increase awareness about school bullying.

Shellfish and the Games
The royal couple also attended seminars on the production of fish and shellfish and the Arctic – where the Greenlandic visions for the region were presented along with discussions for cooperative efforts between Japan and Denmark.

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Last Friday, Prince Frederik delivered a speech about Greenland to representatives from the Japanese tourism industry and then sailed around Tokyo Bay and saw a presentation about how Tokyo is preparing for the 2020 Olympic Games.