Early-May Performance: Planning your own funeral can be stressful

Pia Marsh    May 1st, 2015

This article is more than 8 years old.

Marcello is back with another Rodrigues play

And whatever you do, you’re not wearing that hat! (photo: Christian Als)

The Woman Who Wished to Die
Started April 19 – every Sun until June 7 & June 12-14 as part of CPH Stage, 19:00; Play Theatre, Strandlodsvej 7, Cph S;  

This dark comedy tells the story of Zulmira, a woman obsessed with her extravagant funeral. Excitable and irrational, she dreams of the moment her neighbours watch her exit her home in a gold-encrusted coffin, carried by a horse and carriage.

However, there are two obstacles stopping her from fulfilling her dream: life, and her husband being unable to pay for it.

Based on Nelson Rodrigues’s play The Deceased Woman, the play has been adapted by Marcello Bosschar to weave a tale of love, death, jealousy, monogamy and sexuality.

May 2-17; A-Salen, Gamle Scene, Kongens Nytorv, Cph K; tickets 100kr;

In plague-ridden Copenhagen, a handful of dancers are kept alive, performing a neverending dance ritual to their sickly audience. A dark and dream-like performance not to be missed!

Feberhavnen(photo: Arthur Köstler)

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