10,000 speed violations in nationwide campaign

Police run national speed campaign to reduce the speed on Danish roads

The second nationwide speed campaign in the space of a month aimed at reducing accidents and fatalities on the road has led to a record number of speeding offences.

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From Monday May 11 to Sunday May 17, police recorded 9,953 offences.

Some 9,668 were related to speeding, of which 8,855 were measured and photographed by the automatic traffic control (ATK).

Some 1,409 drivers are set to lose points off their licence. In total there were 211 serious speeding offences, resulting in the conditional disqualification of the drivers’ licences.

Despite statements from the Danish Road Directorate in the past week asserting a decline in the average speed on Danish roads, these results reveal that speed remains a serious issue for road safety.

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However, according to police, an increase in the number of patrol cars on the road should help to keep the average speed down.