British politician visiting Denmark to support Dansk Folkeparti

Daniel Hannan meeting with fellow EU sceptics today

The British Eurosceptic politician Daniel Hannan is visiting Denmark today to lend his support to Dansk Folkeparti (DF) in the election and to focus on the EU debate.

Scepticism about the EU is one of the core issues that binds the Conservative MEP with DF.

Hannan reminded Danes that DF was the prime mover against introducing the euro in Denmark during the 2002 referendum.

“DF was right,” Hannan told Information.

Hannan said that DF has evolved over the years.

“Previously people were almost ashamed to admit that they supported DF,” said Hannan. “It was considered a fringe party, but it’s not anymore. Now it has to be taken seriously.”

Shared scepticism
Hannan said he would be “thrilled” to see a blue government in Denmark with DF in ministerial posts, but stressed the results are up to Danish voters.

He compared Danish scepticism about the EU with that in the UK. British PM David Cameron has promised a referendum on Britain’s EU membership before the end of 2017.

Cameron’s plan to amend the EU treaties in a referendum, however, requires support from the other member countries.

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Should Denmark choose a blue government, Hannan does not believe it will necessarily support Cameron’s plans.

“We are friends and allies, but that is not a reason to support us,” said  Hannan. “You must do what is right for Denmark.”

Hannan said there is a natural alliance between Denmark and the UK based on shared values.