Rough weekend for the Dogg

After one man dies at the Snoop Dogg concert in Tivoli, the rapper is held briefly by Swedish police the following night

US rapper Snoop Dogg’s Scandinavian soiree over the weekend was problematic, to say the least.

Nearly 33,000 people attended his concert in Tivoli on Friday night. The crowd was much louder and more unruly than the usual Tivoli turnout, and police reported that one male concert-goer was rushed to Rigshospitalet, where he was pronounced dead. Although police would not speculate on the exact cause of death, spokesperson Henrik Storme said that the man had consumed “large amounts” of drugs and alcohol.

“I can’t make it any clearer,” Storme told MetroXpress.

Young, wild and free
There were twice as many cops on-hand for Snoop’s Tivoli trip as there are for other Friday concerts.

“There were nearly 33,000 people at the concert, all in the ‘party-in-town’ age group, so there was more minor violence, fighting and yelling and screaming,” said Storme.

Snoop Dogg went directly from Tivoli for a show in Uppsala in Sweden on Saturday night. After that concert, the rapper was briefly arrested by Swedish police on suspicion of using illegal drugs.

“Police carrying out roadside controls noticed that Snoop Dogg seemed to be under the influence of narcotics. He was arrested and taken to the police station to take a urine test,” Daniel Nilsson, police spokesman for the central Uppsala region, told Swedish media

Nilsson said that Snoop Dogg was only in the station for “several minutes” and that once the tests were finished, he was allowed to go.

Ain’t no fun
The 43-year-old rap star attributed his arrest to racism, communicating with his fans and family via social media during and after his arrest.

“Swedish fans. You can thank your police for the fact that I will never come back to your beautiful country. There are always a few idiots that ruin it for everyone else.”

Snoop wrote that he was “sure” he had been stopped only because he is a black man and that the arrest was due to racial profiling. Swedish police denied those accusations.

“No, we don’t work like that. That’s just nonsense,” Christer Nordström, Uppsala police press spokesman told the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet.

Snoop begged to differ,

“On my mamas im sick and tired of the pigs. N America n these countries that jus don’t respect us fuck that…” he messaged via Instagram.

The rapper also said that the police will not find anything in his urine.