Pedagogues reprimanded for letting Ikea watch kids in their care

Educators from several Aarhus SFOs sat children in Ikea’s playground while they went shopping in the store

Employees from several east Jutland SFOs parked the kids under their charge at the in-store playground at the Aarhus Ikea while they went shopping or dining at the store cafe.

“We do not think it is right,” Mikkel Kruse Andersen, the head teacher at Skødstrup school told DR Nyheder. Andersen’s is one of the schools whose students were left in the playground.

In one case, it was reported that a pedagogue left 17 children under Ikea’s care.

Shop and drop…off those pesky kids
Jacob Mangelsen, the head teacher at Rosenvangskolen said that the children should have never been left unsupervised.

“Basically, it is not up to the SFO staff to drop children somewhere and then go shopping,” said Mangelsen.

Mangelsen said that it would be OK for the pedagogues to take the children shopping if they had stayed with them.

“If they needed something from the store for the SFO, that would have been fine,” he said.

Customer kids only
Andersen said that the pedagogues at his school have been reprimanded.

“We discovered the mistake and have corrected it,” he said. “We have told all employees that when they are supervising children, it is 100 percent their responsibility and not up to others.”

Ikea spokesperson Tina Lindhardt said that the store’s playground is reserved for the children of Ikea customers only.