Priest stands firm in her belief in reincarnation despite criticism

Parish priest undeterred by criticism from bishop

Vicar Annette Berg from the small north Zealand village of Vig is a firm believer in the Hindu concept of reincarnation.

“I will not deny that we can live on in a new body after death,” Berg told DR Nyheder.

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Berg’s beliefs do not sit well with Bishop Peter Fischer-Møller of Roskilde. He told Kristeligt Dagblad that he has called Berg in for a conversation about reincarnation being contrary to Christian beliefs.

“I’m not worried about the consequences,” she said. “I only preach Christian messages in church, so I do not see the problem in being open to other ways of looking at life and death.”

Opening minds
Berg, who is also trained in healing and aura reading, would like to create a dialogue about how wide the framework for Bible reading can be.

“I think the world is bigger than our little minds can read and comprehend. That is a door that I would like to be involved in opening,” she said.